Back to School Style {boys}

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I try to do the majority of the boys' back to school shopping online, for clothes anyway, it's just so much easier to see all our options than running back and forth to the different stores with 3 kids in tow. 

My boys don't need much to start off with since  they can usually get by with their summer stuff for the first few weeks, and I usually buy a little more throughout the year as well, but I do have a few things in mind to get a start on the first few months of school. I like limit it to get a few pieces that will mix and match easily so we don't go overboard spending, and they can pick out their own outfits on hectic mornings if I don't have time.  

If you have some shopping of your own to do yet for a little dude in your life here are a few outfits I put together (and had a little too much fun doing! Who says dressing boys isn't fun?!) in case you need some inspiration. 

Here is something I'd choose for a "first day of school" outfit:

Button up shirt: Old Navy currently $22.00
Distressed jeans: Old Navy currently $16.00
Backpack: Old Navy currently $12.00
Shoes: Toms currently $38.00

{Total: 88.00}

 another cute school look:

Button up shirt: Crazy 8 currently $14.93
tee: Crazy 8 currently $7.99
Jeans: same as above currently $16.00
Shoes: same as above $38.00

{Total: $76.92}

And because I am realistic, and know on certain days he'll want to pick out his own outfit, this would be something he would choose:

tee: Target currently $8.39
zip up hoodie: Old Navy currently $34.94
pants: Crazy 8  currently $11.93
shoes: Zappos currently $44.95

{Total: $100.21}

Happy B2S shopping!
Although I don't have a girl going to school yet, thank goodness,  I had so much fun putting these outfits together that I'll be doing one for the little ladies early next week, hopefully :)

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3 Responses to “ Back to School Style {boys} ”

Ashley B. said...

A good reminder that there are cute/great outfits for boys! I just bought a bunch of stuff from Crazy8 and now I'm checking out Old Navy.

Anonymous said...

I'm all about keeping my boys looking trendy and cute in their back to school clothes also...but to do a blog post on 3 outfits totaling over $250? Anyone that has followed your blog and social media for a while knows even you shop smarter than this. Not exactly helpful or realistic.

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Sorry you didn't find it helpful. The total is actually just a little over $200, for 10 pieces (1 being the backpack) you may not have noticed I used the same jeans and shoes for the second look as I did for the 1st. But you are right, I never pay full price and would for sure use ebates for cash back and coupon codes, for instance you can save 40% off today at old navy using code YAY and crazy 8 has one out for 20% off as well that came in a mail flyer that put a big dent in the total. I hope that will help!