(insta catch up ~ part 1)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

I'm so SO behind on these, I'm breaking it up into 2 posts, sorry, bare with me :)

front yard baseball with my boys! America's pastime!

little ball fetcher!

cuties at the first night of Everest VBS!

silly boy thought that his lap would be a good place to put the household paper products!

she wants all the donuts, I have no idea where she got that from!

changing her babies diaper, such a little mommy!

selfies with my crew while we waited for daddy to take us the the campground!

crew 7 on our last night of VBS!

sweet love! 

 extra coffee before tackling the massive mounds of camping laundry! I was a laundry zombie!

daddy came home for lunch in a big rig!

staying cool on a hot Summer day!

I couldn't love them more!

much needed date night with my love!

grabbing our weekly veggies at the market super fast before the storm rolled in!

summer beauty

obsessed with this dressing!

perfect day to be on the water on a HOT afternoon!

Sunday lunch at the cottage 

lucky lady!

bike ride down the lane with my crew

a little quiet play while the littles still sleep. A John Deere tractor, rice and a grain bin and he's happy!

post nap snuggles and a snack!

when you have a favorite dress, you buy it in 2 sizes!

park date with these monkeys!

I love seeing him playing quietly and using his imagination! 

beautiful day by the pool...can't get enough of these summer days!

she's berry sweet!

couldn't put this one down!

We checked out a new (to us) beach one Saturday and had a great time exploring!

so much better than a treadmill, love the country views. 

We celebrated 14 years since our first date on July 27th!

a quick visit to big bro before church on Sunday morning. 

a quiet day with just the little while brothers were away

the boys with the cast of "Jingle Arg the Way" the play they saw with Grandpa and Grandma L

These super heroes turned in their reading logs for the summer and earned super cool prizes. 

picking up a couple new books for myself for the week. I've been on such a reading kick this summer!

perfect night to cash in their free ice cream cones from the reading program after a hot night playing at the park. 

In my head I thought I looked a lot cooler attempting to do a pull up on the monkey bars than I do in reality! lol Thanks to the hubs for the pic to keep me humble! :)

We had a family reunion/get together with my extended family at the park one night in July. This little girl was such a pipsqueak when we went last year. She is growing so fast! 

crabby mom alert. Misbehaving children take the fun right out of Target!

don't let those cute faces fool you!

bedtime stories on the coffee table?!

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3 Responses to “ (insta catch up ~ part 1) ”

France said...

Adorable as usual! Where do you get that dressing? Sounds delish!

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

It's a Wildtree product (you can purchase online or through a wildtree Rep) but sadly it won't be available again until Spring! :(

France said...

Thank you for replying. I guess I've been living under a rock lol. I have never heard of Wildtree products. I'll definitely need to check it out! =)