10 Year Anniversary Cruise {Days 5, 6 & 7}

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wednesday morning we woke up in beautiful St. Maarten 

We booked an afternoon beach excursion, so we had some time to kill in the morning. One of our favorite things was the putt-putt golf on the ship, we had a tournament going between us the whole week, we love a good competition!

 Our tour took us to Orient Beach

The ocean swallowed up both of our sunglasses and hats, but thankfully spit the two of us, and my hat back out!
We purchased some new sunnies as souveneirs from St. Maarten :)

Nothing wraps up a good beach day like a hot dog from the hot dog bar on board!

All cleaned up for dinner

Thursday was another at sea day, heading back home after 3 great ports. October 8 marked 7 years post kidney transplant for me!

And we also got word (so thankful that we purchased the online wifi package) that Robb's grandma passed away peacefully Thursday morning :(

Another favorite feature, the frozen yogurt stands!

Thursday was SO hot, we camped up on the top level to get some breeze, lounged in the pool, or sat in the shade the whole day

That afternoon they did another dive show, see those divers up there? 60 feet in the air!

This was taken another night, but it shows a good picture of the aqua theater where they do the dive shows. They also showed movies on the screens different times.

Thursday was another formal night, and also lobster dinner night, yum! 

Robb went with prime rib, and lobster! Our waiter quickly learned that we like to EAT so he usually brought out extra entrees for us :)

and I went with the lobster!

nothing like mini golfing in a tulle skirt :)

Friday was the last day at sea, we soaked up all the goodness we could!

our last dinner

 There were lots of reasons who could/should not have gone on this trip: not in the budget, the kids busy schedules, missing the kids, missing work, etc but we are SO GLAD we did! Our 10 year anniversary truly is something to celebrate, we've been through a lot together as a young couple, and time alone to focus on our marriage was so good for us! We loved every minute of it, and left the next day feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. We are so thankful for the opportunity, and for our families who took such great care of the kids for us! 

We did eventually run out of things to talk about on our long day traveling back home! Our flight didn't leave until 3:30 and we were up since 6:30, lots of waiting ;)

best welcome home ever!

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France said...

Your last picture brought happy tears to my eyes! Yay for you both for taking this you time! So glad you had a great time! xo