Friday Photo Dump

Friday, May 20, 2016

Grayden working hard on painting his sign for craft night at school 

We had a fun mommy/son night and the siblings were excited to see what he created!

the finished product!

daddy painting his daughters nails, oh my heart! 

Saying goodbye to our crib before it went to it's next home!

Sadler and his floating boat project he made for school. 

Robb's idea of party prep before the boys' bday party...sweeping the driveway!

testing out the new bikes!

he looks so big!

walking Posey to the bus stop :)

Sadler had his first solo play date at a friends house, he and Kipton are such great buds!

I went along on Sadler's field trip to the airport

Quiona spilt all over the kitchen floor! 

A new prayer journal, new pens, a fave devotional and the perfect cup of coffee, things that make my heart happy!

loving their new spinner swing!

Getting festive while cooking a fiesta chicken dish on Cinco de Mayo, I couldnt help myself, I'd been waiting for another opportunity to wear that dress! Ha!

"donuts at dawn" with Grayden before school

whitecaps game for the K&R/WMI summer work party 

ready to watch some baseball

it was windy and got chilly as the night went on, but it was a beautiful night for it!

sweet kodak moment

Showing baby Posey the tulips! Goodness this girl and her baby doll, she's too sweet!

Robb left for a fishing trip on Sunday, so the kids and I did church at home, thanks to The Beginners Bible for kids YouTube channel :)

sunday afternoon swinging!

tea party with Grandma while I helped in Sadlers class on Monday

robb reeling in a shark!


Sadler and I had Mothers Tea at preschool Monday night. 

He thinks I'm 54 years old, and 55 pounds, I'm good at everything and we love each other "just because!" 
So sweet!

feeding the ducks our stale bread.

Thanks for the pic Sadler, just a little higher next time, bud! :)

if you like a little kick, you're gonna want to get these, but make sure you have someone to share them with, they are very addicting!

Girls watching the iPad while I had coffee with the ladies Wednesday morning!

Welcoming daddy home at the airport on Wednesday afternoon 

daddy got us all some new clothes from Key West

Ella was over Thursday morning, she got lots of love!

pantless painting party Thursday night!

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Amy O said...

your cinco de mayo dress is awesome!!!!