Sadler says Goodbye to Preschool!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Sadler had his Preschool graduation Tuesday night:

His cheering section:

He did such an amazing job singing!
 He didn't love the times when the attention was just on him, like during the processional, and when he received his certificate, but the singing...oh so precious, we are so proud of him!

it took a couple tries to get a smile :)

I could eat him right up!

his sweet teacher, Mrs. Parrott

It was rather difficult to get a family picture afterwards, but we managed to get one good one :)
 I remember the same being true after Grayden's graduation, just SO much excitement in the air:

After the ceremony we headed to Fuzzy Peach to celebrate with some fro-yo

Our next little preschool grad in a couple of years!

Seems like just yesterday I was taking a similar picture with Sadler after Grayden's preschool graduation two years ago!
3 year old Sadler, be still my heart!

Wednesday was Sadler's last official day of preschool. 

first day vs last day 

On the drive there I told him this would be the last time he goes to this school, and after a long pause he said "I'll miss my friends!" 
Totally broke my heart, but I know he'll make wonderful new friends in Kindergarten too. 

The class walked with their 4th grade buddies to get ice cream cones. I caught this picture of them walking back when I was waiting to pick him up. His buddy is so sweet with his arm around him, and I can tell Sadler is a little nervous when he bites the inside of his sweet. 

Today we celebrated the end of preschool at the park with Sadler's class! 
I'm not sure what this says about me as a mom; but I'm way more emotional on the last day of school, than I am on the first! 
So thankful for the amazing preschool program at ZCS, his amazing teachers loved him so well, his little friends were the sweetest, and he learned and grew so much in his love for Jesus! 
Goodbyes are hard, but we're looking forward to Summer and Kindergarten in the Fall

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2 Responses to “ Sadler says Goodbye to Preschool! ”

Ashley B. said...

Our oldest had his (4 yr old) preschool graduation this week. Such a bittersweet moment!!! He's so excited to be off to Kindergarten this fall. Also heading off to school this fall is our "baby" - who couldn't be more excited or ready for the 3 yr old program. We're very blessed that our (parochial) school offers preschool through 5th. It's too early but I'm sometimes nervous about the fact that he and his classmates will transition to the public middle school with three other schools (that'll be a lot of kids!!!) at the same time.

Such sweet moments!!! Can't wait to read all about your summer fun!

Leah said...

I'm much more emotional on the last day of school as well! My two kiddos are nearing completion of kindergarten, and I'm just beside myself. These big milestones just tug at my heart and remind me that it's all going TOO fast!