Friday photo dump

Friday, June 3, 2016

Our first meal on the patio this summer after church a couple weeks ago... I love summer!

oh this girl!

Having fun with daddy, these boys love to swing!

our latest project, putting some girlie touches on Jovie's changing table/dresser

everyone wanted to help

the subtle pink hue and 'vintage' shabby chic knobs are just perfect for her big girl room!

first time to the farmers market!

first dip in the lake!

little love at Sadler's preschool park party

this boy: up at 6:20am on a Saturday asking to play math games on my computer! I sent him to the closet and went back to bed.

we decided to cool Grayden off when he got off the bus one day this week by surprising him with water baloons!

they were ready and waiting!

sweetest little deer I ever did see in our back yard yesterday! 

we checked out Meg's Playhouse with our friends on Wednesday, the kids had such a great time and the momma's had lots of time to chat!

Sadler having so much fun on the Roelof's new inflatable water slide!

Grayden's school concert was today, so cute!
He's in the green shirt second row from the back, left side 

Tonight we had an impromptu dinner with Jovie after Lisa asked to take the boys mini golfing, we couldn't pass up an opportunity for dinner on the patio at Salt & Pepper on a beautiful night, and some special 2-on-1 time with our girl!

What a fun surprise for the boys to go mini golfing with Aunt Lisa, they had such a fun time!

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2 Responses to “ Friday photo dump ”

Shannon Collin said...

Could you share where you purchased your backyard swing set? I love it and we are needing to get one!

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

We got it from Costco, I did a quick Google search and saw its sold Online at Walmart too
We have been really happy with it!