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Friday, March 17, 2017

A warm, sunny Sunday in February! 

The same week I signed on to be a Noonday Ambassador I had the incredible opportunity to meet Jessica Honegger, the founder of Noonday Collection, and have lunch with her a few other local ambassadors! I sat right next to her at lunch, and loved getting to hear more about her heart for this company. And she's so cute and stylish, I loved to see her rocking her Noonday pieces in person! 
She's wearing the Horn Prism Necklace, The Aventura Earrings, and the STUNNING Wildflower Clutch. 
My kit hadn't even come in yet so I went with my old faithful Feathered Fringe Earrings that I love!

It felt like Christmas morning the day my kit arrived from Noonday! 


I love when last minute details all fall into place in a way that only God could orchestrate! Had such a great time at the "Weekend to Remember" conference this weekend! 
Investing in our marriage and making it priority isn't something we've been great at; so grateful for the tools and encouragement to do better!

Lunch at the Windchester was amazing!

so many beautiful details at the Amway

I even got my first online Noonday order while we were gone!

I was lisenting to a pod cast about a woman who was considering giving up Coke Icees for Lent, and then I just had to get one! Ha!

celebrating Brenham's birthday with cake!

The boys had a scheduled 2 hr-delay so they were finally able to come along and watch Jovie at ballet!

Brayden got 1st place in his first Cadet's Pinewood Derby Race!

If I had to guess, I'm probably the only Mystery Reader to have ever choked back tears while reading to a group of Kindergarteners! Such a special book to us! 
And I know your eyes caught those super fun bangles I'm wearing; the Marketplace Bangles, set of 5 

Sister workout!

The kids had a day off school last week so we had a chance to check out the new play land at Central. They had a blast, we can't wait to go back!

All set to go for my first Trunk Show!
It was fun trying to decide what jewelry to model for the show, I went with the popular Sea Change Necklace, Crystalline Earrings, and Sofiya Wrap Bracelet

The snacks I served at the show, I think Jovie ate most of those Starbursts before anyone even came!

It was a double launch from 1-3 and 7-8 

Of course I had to swap out my accessories mid-way. I love how jewelry can completely transform an otherwise boring outfit!
I'm switched to the Skyward Necklace, and Afloat Earrings. 

Sharing a muffin with my little muffin!

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