Friday Photo Dump

Friday, March 31, 2017

The boys had their school "Fun Night" a couple of Friday's ago. This was the only picture I got of them because they were constantly on the go! HA!

Jovie getting her face painted!

The boys have taken an interest in helping with the planning of their birthday party. We're looking for invitations here!

The woman who marries him one day better be good at back scratching!

I love this picture Robb snatched of me helping my dad download some podcasts for his upcoming trip to Sweden!

Big girl at her 3 year check up!

It's no wonder the Zephyr Scarf from Noonday Collection is currently on backorder; not only is it one of this season's top trends worn tied around your neck, it also makes a great headband-a perfect disguise for when I'm overdue for a root touch up! 
Just because it's on backorder doesn't mean you can't get one of your own! It's still available to purchase and your order will put you in queue to ship out when more become available in May! 
Made with love in India! 

Jovie matched Piglet at the library!

Someone in this house has a contact lens problem! I did not stage this! Said person also recently got glasses, and looks quite studly in them :)

Spring cleaning bug has hit! This room is always a total disaster, so it was a picture worthy moment to have it clean!

Pedicures with my friend Emily before our Spring Break trips!

Mr. Gray is looking so old lately!

Just wrapped up an 8-week long workout program on Fitness Blender! (FB30)
I started an accountability/support group on Facebook with a few friends who are doing the program as well, and posted my ending progress there. Such a great feeling to accomplish a goal!

2 current faves~ Starbuck Coconut milk Mocha Macchiato, yum!
And the Nehma Bib Necklace, handmade in Uganda from recycled paper! 

Just another reason why I love this company! Your purchases change lives in multiple ways!

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