Grayden Robert, you are 8 years old!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Grayden! How are you 8 already?

We've loved watching you grow and mature into the caring, kind and loving boy you are!

 You love school, especially math, and have lots of great friends!

You are a people-pleaser; you love to be verbally affirmed, and hate to disappoint anyone. 

You're faith and love for Jesus is huge! You love to pray, and are quick to suggest that we pray for things before it even comes to my mind! You make me so proud!

You are a great (but slooow!!) eater; you love things like quinoa, kale, shrimp, omelettes and broccoli, and you can't get enough candy!

You are outgoing, and great at making new friends! I love how kind and friendly you are to everyone! You always make a point to stop and say hi, calling them by name, when you see someone you know!

You are an amazing artist, you love all sports, you've only lost 2 teeth so far, and you love life!

We love you Grayden! So thankful we get to call you our son!

Happy 8th Birthday, Cool Dude!

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