Memorial Day Weekend {2017}

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

We had such a low key weekend, which seemed unusual for us, but it was so nice!
Saturday started off with T-ball practice for Sadler, and continued at home too :)

We did some yard work, Robb attempted to teach me to drive the lawn mower, which was unsuccessful, but gave me a new appreciation for his straight lines!

We did chalk art, plank wars, made lego creations, got some groceries, made a hill-billy bonfire and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows for s'mores. The boys slept in the camper parked in the driveway (until 6am when they joined us in bed) and we all stayed up too late.

Morning came fast for our sleepy crew on Sunday, and we rushed to get out the door in time for church!

We had lunch on the back patio and enjoyed some time at the cottage in the afternoon catching fish, taking a boat ride and exploring the sand bar.

On Monday we took my dad's 'new' truck in the Hamilton Parade. The kids had so much fun throwing candy out, and the boys loved seeing the familiar faces of their friends on the street!

After the parade we went to Robb's parents house for lunch.

At home we had some more fun playing outside, and had another delicious meal on the patio.

And to end our weekend we had some excitement during the boys shower.  Robb and I were both outside talking to his cousins who had brought their camper back to the barn for storage when Sadler comes running out butt naked, sopping wet to tell us that Grayden lost his third tooth!
 It was quite the sight! Sadler slipped in the shower, and as he fell he hit Grayden in the cheek and out popped his tooth, (or so the story goes)!

Yah! His first two teeth came out with a lot of tears and drama so this was a great surprise! ;)

It was a perfect weekend.

So thankful for the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives to fight for our freedom.

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