Hungry Horse Camping Trip {June 23-29}

Thursday, July 6, 2017

We took our maiden camping voyage for the year to Hungry Horse last week. We had a great week and made lots of memories with our friends! 

Robb had the day off on Friday, so we were able to head out to the campground shortly after lunch!
Here are some pictures from our week!

Three Musketeers~ Elissa, Molly and Jovie

Jovie didn't waste any time digging into her new Play-doh set, she stayed busy for HOURS!

Sadler's teacher invited all the Kindergarten students and their families to her home for a end of the year celebration Friday evening so we took a little break from the campground, and had a great time at the party!

Enjoying S'mores back at the campground 

We didn't get much pool time throughout the week, but Jovie did enjoy it while she could!

Morning snuggles while the boys snooze

Sunday morning worship

We had an unwelcomed guest pay a visit, this momma was not having it! 
Off to the hardware store for some traps we went! 

Hours of fun in the hammocks!
It's probably no surprise that one of them ended up breaking on the last day, sorry Ellie!

Playing blocks with Aubrey!

Water-balloon fun!

Chalk creations

Reading time while we waited for the rain to pass

Jovie had lots of bonding time with Val; fun with snapchat, back rubs, and her amazing braiding skills

So many laughs playing "Watch Yo Mouth"!

Shuffleboard with daddy!

Grayden with the ladies (again!)

Max and Sadler have such a cute friendship, bonding on the electric scooter!

Marcie organized a craft for all the kids, it was quite the hit!

A friendly game of Kan-Jam

Never far away from her dollies!

These  cuties had so much fun "playing vacation" on the pool raft!

Foam slip and slide was a huge hit!

My favorite camping past time!

We tried a delicious new recipe "campfire dump cake" 
It was so good, everything tastes better over a fire, even cake!

Meal time was one of the few times we'd see the kids for longer than 2 minutes! 

Me and my girlie having fun on the swings!

It wouldn't be an accurate representation of our week if I didn't post a picture of the candy store! 

Thank you Kleins, Leegwaters, Nyhofs and Meistes for a fun week!
Until next year......

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