Thursday, April 12, 2018

We left at 6:00am Friday morning to take a short and sweet trip to Indianapolis. 
We arrived at the Children's Museum just as they were opening at 10:00

We had a fabulous time

The outdoor sports area was such a blast, we mostly just took a ton of videos there, so not many pictures.

we could have spent LOTS more time there, but we were hungry for food other than the food court options, and we were cold, so we left around 5:00 to grab dinner and head to the hotel to SWIM. 

We ate at Big Woods Speedway.  The food was delicious, with a fun ambiance

After dinner we headed to the hotel only to find out their pool was closed! 
This was devastating to the kids and we ended up canceling our reservation and found another one.

Once we got to the second hotel we swam our little hearts out, and then grabbed custard at Culver's before heading to bed. It was a fun and tiring day!

Saturday morning we went for a quick swim after breakfast and then hit the road for home.

It was a great little trip! We made lots of fun memories!

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