Sadler Graham, you are 7 years old!

Friday, April 27, 2018

 Sadler, I can't believe it! 

You are a lover of back rubs, Netflix, action figures, hot dogs and KETCHUP!

You've lost 4 teeth, you're 48 pounds and 48 inches tall 

You're always on the move! So active and athletic!

If there's a ball in sight it's being kicked, thrown or tossed in a jiffy!

 Even though you have a 50/50 shot, you put your shirt on backwards 80% of the time!

You have grown and matured so much, especially over the last couple of years!
You make me so proud! You a such a cool kid, I love being your mom!

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One Response to “ Sadler Graham, you are 7 years old! ”

Ashley B. said...

It feels like "just yesterday" I was reading about his adoption and now he's 7!? Look at that smile!