Halloween 2018

Monday, November 5, 2018

Jovie's day started off with preschool where she was lucky enough to have been scheduled as the STAR helper! It was also Grandparents day! So lucky!

She had such a special morning, followed by lunch with both sets of grandparents and mom and dad at McD's, her fave!


Our little crew of Trick or Treaters! 

Thankfully, we finally had nice weather on Halloween!

Jovie a rock star, 

Sadler a ninja,

and Grayden a ninja!

Once everyone was dressed and ready to go we stopped by my parents house, Aunt Lisa's house, and then to the High School for Trucks, Tractors and Treats where we saw Aunt Mindy and Uncle Kyle, Robb's parents, and all the cousins! 

After getting their fill of candy, we quick buzzed home for some soup, and then the kids were off again for Wednesday night church. 
Phew! It was a busy night!

While the kids were in church I enjoyed some relaxing peace and quiet cashing in my "mom tax' ;)

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