how's Paco doing?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Robb, Grayden and my sister Lisa are leaving with me to head to Mayo Clinic tomorrow morning to find out what's been going on with Paco. This will be my one year post transplant check-up. Can you believe its already been a year? Crazy!
I have been feeling GREAT so I am anxious to see how my test results turn out and what they find after all the procedures and stuff.

I just realised how little I mention Paco these days. Life is so much more involved around Grayden these days that I barely even remember I had health issues at all (that's a good thing, I always looked forward to the day that I wouldn't be known as 'the girl with the kidney transplant' and more as Katie...just Katie).
So anyways, I'll fill you in on what's been happening kidney-wise over the past year.

When I got back home from the near month long stay in Rochester last year, I was going in for lab work here in town 3 times a week and having follow up appointments with my doctor in Grand Rapids every two weeks. As time went on the blood work has gone down to once a month and the doctors appointments are down to every 8 weeks. That's good!
There has been NO problems at all with my kidney function. A lot of times different drug levels will come back either a little low or a little high and so they have to adjust my meds but other than that Paco seems to be doing great.
A huge concern that I have mentioned before is my super low immune system and how dangerous it could be to me if I were to get sick. The meds I am on to keep Paco working well purposely weakens my immune system so that my body can't fight off Paco b/c its a foreign object. Because of that I can get sick very quickly and have a very difficult time recovering, it could lead to hospitalization. (So yes, the H1N1 virus could very likely be deadly for me and I (and everyone living with me) will be getting vaccinated if its offered). But thankfully I have only had a couple of minor colds, which is just AMAZING. Yeah God!

When I went back to Mayo with Mindy in January I had a biopsy done that showed there was no recurrent disease in the new kidney which is unbelievable and a huge answer to prayer!
Since that last visit in January I haven't had any further testing done (other than the blood work) to check the kidney's function in depth. So that's what this next visit will be. Lots of tests and procedures to get an even better look at the things blood work can't do.
We'd appreciate your prayers for favorable results and also safe travels, thanks so much! Have a great weekend everyone!

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13 Responses to “ how's Paco doing? ”

Jacki said...

Good luck Katie and Lisa! I will be praying all the tests come back great!!

Brittany Schell said...

That's awesome to hear! I will be praying that everything goes well and that you guys have a safe trip there and back. After all the blessings God had given you in the past year, I hope this will be one more thing to celebrate!

Jenn said...

Will definitely be praying for you all! My brother has a very low immune system due to the drugs he is on for his Crohn's Disease. He however is too worried about how "new" the H1N1 shot is that he wont do it. It scares me so much. Ater he has his transfusions every 6 weeks his immune system is SOOOO low that it is always a time we hold our breath a little in a way...I know how that part can be. Best of luck to you! a side are still not just will now be known as Grayden's Mommy! :)

Amanda said...

I'll be praying for you! I live in Minnesota about an hour north of Rochester... it's cold here right now:)

Stephanie said...

Good luck, I will be thinking of you and Paco!

Judy said...

Hey Katie! I'll pray for safe travels and good reports. I'm glad that we know God is in control of this crazy world with sicknesses. I'm so glad that he gives good gifts like children too. Greyden's smile is so cute! What a blessing family truly is!!

Val said...

Katie, we will be praying for all of you guys!! We are so glad that its been an uneventful year for Paco!! Praise God!! We love you guys! See you home soon!!!

aLLie said...

Will be praying for you Katie!!!

rlvd said...

praying :)

Trinity said...

As always, you are in my thoughts & prayers, Katie. :) Best of luck with your trip.

Anonymous said...

So... hOw did it go

Holly said...

Hope all goes well!

the sayers said...

God is sooo good! He has taken this year, and has brought the trials and struggles into victory and blessings. Continue to trust Him. Be praying for you.

K & J