updates from MN

Monday, October 5, 2009

The four of us left yesterday morning at 9 am and arrived here safely in Minnesota around 4. The drive went great, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and Grayden enjoyed playing with Lisa in the backseat and watching his Baby Einstein video!

We headed to the clinic early this morning for blood work at 6 am! Grayden caught up on the current events while I was having my labs drawn.

(two pokes..not too thrilled about that)

I also met with the doctor, had an EKG, and a Chest X-ray all before10:00 am
After that we had a few hours to kill so Grayden emailed his family back home and we just relaxed for awhile.

I had my biopsy at 2:00 and was discharged a little after 5.

We got some dinner (finally, I hadn't eaten anything since dinner Sunday night so I was famished) and now we are chilling out in the hotel room and recovering from such a busy day.

We have another busy day tomorrow, thanks for all your well wishes and prayers. We appreciate it!

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10 Responses to “ updates from MN ”

Amanda said...

Grayden is really changing! So cute:) Hope all goes well with your tests.

Becki said...

What a cutie patootie! I can't get over how much Grayden looks like your husband in that last picture. Good luck with the rest of your testing.

Jennifer said...

Hope all goes well! Thinking about you!

cara said...

glad to hear everything has gone well so far. I hope that you heal quickly so you can pick up your precious little G again. :)

Holly said...

Grayden is gettin so big! Unbelieveable! Sorry you got poked twice!

Lori said...

Those were some of the cutest pictures ever. Grayden checking out the current events was my fav!!

I am hoping and praying for all your tests to go great!!

Shay said...

He is sooo cute! and I hope all is well with Paco!

Jorden and Kristin said...

praying that everything turns out well with you and paco!!

Grayden is adorable!

RN Mama said...

I hope things are still going well! Grayden is getting so big, and is absolutely adorable!

Missy and Kaden said...

You have some fabulous taste! Kaden has the same lovey that Grayden is holding in his carseat. I have four of them for him, just in case:o)