Grayden Robert, you are 5 months old

Monday, October 12, 2009

Grayden! You turned 5 months old today!

Your fourth month has been one of the most fun and also the most challenging stage so far! Your little personality is developing and you are so responsive to those around you. BUT, your sleeping schedule has disappeared. You were awake and crying more times during the night this past month than you ever were as a newborn! But its ok, we love you to pieces and know its just a stage :)
Here's what else you've been up too:

You started rice cereal and a few weeks later we added oatmeal too.

You eat 30 oz a day plus oatmeal with your breakfast and rice with your dinner.

Y0u weigh 16 lbs.

Alhough you've been "tri-poding" since 3.5 months you are officially sitting up since 4.5 months! We are so proud of you buddy!

You have become very vocal and love to squeal and yell. Daddy thinks you sound like a velociraptor and I would have to agree!

You've been very busy this month! We spent a few days in Detroit for Daddy and Grampie's work. And also to Mayo Clinic in MN while Mommy had a check-up! You are a great traveler! (other than night time!)

You went mini-golfing for the first time for daddy's work picnic

You wear mostly 3-6 months clothes and size 2 diapers.

You went to your first pumpkin patch and we also took you apple picking!

You don't like going in your car seat anymore so once we get you strapped in we hurry to get moving so you calm down!

We look forward to another exciting month with you sweet boy!

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