Family Weekend at the Cottage

Monday, November 2, 2009

A few weekends ago ( I told you I was behind on things!) we headed up to Ludington area with Robb's extended family for a weekend at the cottage.

We had a great time, here are some pictures from the weekend!

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5 Responses to “ Family Weekend at the Cottage ”

Mrs. Almonds Joy said...

Your family is just adorable K. Serioulsy, the cutest I have ever seen.

Holly said...

I just love his ghost shirt!

Lori said...

Cute!! Cute!!! Cute!!!!

It looks like a really relaxing weekend. Those are always so nice.

Erika said...

OH...he's getting so big and is so stinking cute!!! Congrats on having the most beautiful family ever!!!

Jenny said...

We have that same halloween outfit. I forgot to take pictures in so I think I have to put him in it post-H just to have pics. Cute pics!