Monday, January 17, 2011

I spent some time cleaning out our upstairs room today and came across a box of hundreds of sympathy cards we received after losing Brenham. I sat there on the floor for a LONG time (so long that my leg went severely numb!) reading through them. I got cards from so many people; a few are from strangers that read Brenham's obituary in the newspaper, a man running for State Representative, the people from our local bank, the nursing staff that took care of me and Brenham while I was in the hospital, the dj's from a local Christian radio station, friends from high school, our entire neighborhood, probably every member of our church, our friends and family. I even found a 20 dollar bill in a card from my Grandma (miss you Grandma)!
I was just so touched once again by such caring and thoughtful cards even now, almost 3 years later those cards encouraged me and brought a smile to my face.

A couple weeks ago I got my first ever fan mail letter from a couple of teenage girls (Hi Megan and Taylor & the rest of Mrs. H's 7th Grade GEMS group!) Those girls wrote me the sweetest letter, it made my entire day! And I'm not just saying that, it really did!

It just reminded me how much a simple card or letter of encouragement can mean to someone going through a tough time, I encourage all of you to remember this and challenge you to send a card out to someone this week who could use a little pick me up!

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4 Responses to “ Cards ”

Devin said...


I could not agree with this more. I still look at my cards from years ago, but the ones after our loss are particularly special.

The art of communication has changed so much in the digital age...I think it is WONDERFUL to receive actual in-hand mail and cards, and try to continue doing that on a regular basis for others. I get comments all the time how much those types of things mean...and I know myself--so I am going to keep that up for as long as I can!

Holly said...

Such a simple thing can mean a lot!

Andrea said...

A simple gesture such as a card lets the recipient know "your on someones radar" and it feels good :)

Do unto others right :)

Shannon said...

what a great idea... it is so nice to look back on people's sweet words sometimes. I do have a friend who's been having a tough time- stopping at the store tonight!