Best of 2010 Blog Hop

Sunday, January 2, 2011

As I was reading over my blog posts from the past year I can across a couple favorites:
This one always makes me smile!
And this one I love, such a good reminder!
this one makes me ball like a baby!
this will always be a favorite!
another fave of mine.
I would love to read your favorite posts of 2010; so link up so I can take a look!

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5 Responses to “ Best of 2010 Blog Hop ”

Anonymous said...

Thanks for teaching us to treasure each moment! Love, Mom L.

TanaLee Davis said...

Your posts have always found a smile on my face and occationally a tear from my eye. Thank you for sharing your life wide open for me to see that there is joy after a tragic loss.

Allie said...

I feel so lucky to have come across your blog in a time when I needed some strength. Life is full of amazing things. Thank you!

Mikayla Lee said...

i love reading your blog!

Twincubator said...

I love yours. I just picked one of mine. I don't know why this one stood out for me, but it did.