Gray’s Day!

Friday, May 13, 2011

We had a great day celebrating Grayden’s birthday yesterday, his party isn’t until tomorrow but we wanted to make his actual birthday special too!
We started out by going out for breakfast with Dad just like we did last year.
Then me and the boys ran a couple of errands in town to get ready for the big party tomorrow.
At night we headed downtown Holland for the Tulip Time Festival, we love all the junk food so we splurged and went all out! Grayden’s fave was the elephant ears!
A couple of videos I took of him on his special day!

Hope you had a great day Gray-Baby (i guess I should stop calling you that now that you’re such a BIG boy, but I probably won’t! :)

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4 Responses to “ Gray’s Day! ”

TanaLee Davis said...

Kate seriously! Grayden is the cutest little boy ever! I hope someday if I have a son he can be just as cute.

I love the way Grayden uses his vocab and he's so observant. You've got a real cutie pie...hugs him lots-


Lisa said...

Cutest videos ever!!!

Laura said...

he's just precious! enjoy every minute of your 2 little boys!
Happy Birthday Grayden

Theisen Trio said...

2 has been my favorite age! Have a blast with your big boy and can I ask what kind of double stroller that is and if you would recommend it? We have 2 now and live in MN. It's finally nice here and I NEED to get out there and find a stroller! Thanks so much!