Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday Robb and I had a date night! We went to the Parade of Homes in GR, we had tons of fun together and got lots of great ideas for the new house (but missed the boys too).

We along with our builders custom designed the layout of our future home so when we saw this house in the parade that has a kinda similar layout we were excited to check it out and get a better feel for what our home will look like.


Sunday after church we stopped by the cemetery to bring flowers to Brenham’s grave site and then we went out to my parents cottage, the weather was nasty but it was still relaxing!



Monday we went to our small town’s parade, Grayden got to ride in the parade in Grandpa’s wrecker with Robb, he thought he was HOT stuff!









After the parade we headed back to the cottage and enjoyed the gorgeous day!





Sadler slept the day away!


grayden and aunt mindy soaking their feet in the chilly lake!


gray and daddy playing!


handsome boys in there swim suits!

We went to Kobe Grill for dinner and stopped for ice cream on the way home, Grayden has his first ice cream cup all to himself, he thoroughly enjoyed it and made such a mess!!



What a great day we had! Thanks to all the service men and women who so bravely fought/fight for our country’s freedom!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

catch up

wow, things have been crazy busy around here! i have no idea where the time goes but sadly I've had little time for blogging so i just wanted to quick check in and update a little. These all deserve posts of there own, but i just keep getting further behind so this will catch me up a little!

*our house sold weeks ago! it was actually sold within 2 weeks of being for sale, we took the sign out of the yard after 1 week b/c we had 2 offers already. That was just a couple weeks BEFORE Sadler was born…crazy how fast it sold!

*our house plans are all set to go so we hope to start the building process late this week or early next week! I’m so excited; it’s always been a dream of ours to build a home!

*Friday night we had another freezer meal cooking party at my friend Heather’s house. That was our 8th one, we decided to make a blog of all our recipes, its not much yet, but there will be TONS of yummy freezer meal recipes on there http://lovemyfreezerdinners.blogspot.com in the coming weeks. Check it out!

*Can you please be praying for us and Sadler’s birth parents on June 6? Its court date and we know God has everything in control but we’re very anxious about it. We’re loving every second of having him in our lives and we’re praying we have a whole lifetime ahead of us to enjoy this precious gift God has blessed us with!

*i had a check up with my nephrologists today and everything looks great,1.1 creatnine (just to remind you it was 13 before my transplant!) Great News! I continue to have check ups every three months. Last time I was there in February I needed my doctor to fill out a paper for our adoption agency as part of our home study we needed to do before we could be approved and begin the wait to adopt again so it was fun to surprise them when i brought our 5 week old baby!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sadler Graham, you are 1 month old!


and you are precious!!
Here's what you’ve been up to:

~at 2 weeks old you were diagnosed with acid reflux, the dr put you on zantac. you poor thing, you’re so uncomfortable after your feedings.

~today Mommy took you to a chiropractor that specializes in babies in hopes to improve your reflux symptoms, we already notice a change!

~you eat 3 oz every 3-4 hours.

~you sleep great, usually from 11pm-3 or 4am and then from 5am-7am. A couple of nights you’ve even had 6 hour stretches of sleep!


~you sleep a lot during the day yet but everyday you seem to be more and more alert! I love your big brown eyes!



~you gave mom a little smile the other day! can’t wait for more!

~you hate your car seat

~you love to be held :)


~you weigh 7lbs 15oz as of your appt last week, a little slow at gaining, but you’re getting there!

~you weren’t such a fan of your first real bath, but now you love them!



~you wear newborn diapers and clothes


 We adore you Sadler, we praise God for you!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

its a SALE!

Patrice from Purrfect Blog Designs (who has done such a fantastic job on all my blog designs) is having a major sale this week on blog makeovers!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Makenna’s Baptism

My niece Makenna was baptized this past Sunday! It was such a joyous day to witness her parents make a promise to God to teach her about Him and bring her up in a Christian home!




I didn’t get a good close up picture of her on her special day but this one is pretty cute so I had to share:)


her shirt says “my aunt is my BFF!” {love her!}

Monday, May 16, 2011

Barnyard Birthday Bash

Grayden’s birthday party was SO much fun!

Here are the cute invites:


The food:








Adorable cake, Kathy did such a great job!











Grayden had a blast opening his gifts! he kept saying “more please”, “more open”! he even liked opening the cards!

He was so spoiled with lots of great gifts! We had a blast celebrating our big boy’s 2nd birthday!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Gray’s Day!

We had a great day celebrating Grayden’s birthday yesterday, his party isn’t until tomorrow but we wanted to make his actual birthday special too!
We started out by going out for breakfast with Dad just like we did last year.




Then me and the boys ran a couple of errands in town to get ready for the big party tomorrow.

At night we headed downtown Holland for the Tulip Time Festival, we love all the junk food so we splurged and went all out! Grayden’s fave was the elephant ears!





A couple of videos I took of him on his special day!


Hope you had a great day Gray-Baby (i guess I should stop calling you that now that you’re such a BIG boy, but I probably won’t! :)