CAFO Summit

Monday, May 6, 2013

Robb and I, along with a couple others from our church, left for the Christian Alliance For Orphans Summit in Nashville, Wednesday afternoon. 

We stayed at the Hyatt, our room was so nice and the breakfast was amazing, Robb couldn't wait to dig in!

The Summit was held at the beautiful Brentwood Baptist Church. 

The Summit was all day Thursday and Friday, we had a great time. The sessions were so powerful, and the speakers were inspiring. 

One of the breakout sessions we went to was with Mary Beth Chapman and her daughter Emily. Steven Curtis Chapman was in the back of the room listening the whole time, and came up to say a few things at the end, and later did a musical performance at the group session. 
They have such an amazing testimony. 

One of the many amazing musicians, George Dennehy, was born in Romania without arms. He was placed in an orphanage and later adopted by a family in the U.S. He now plays guitar with his feet. His story was so inspiring!  

"The care for orphans isn't just a biblical mandate. It's ultimately a mirror of the character of God, the "Father to the fatherless." In it, we see not only His love for the orphan, but also for each of us as well. 
For the Christian, love the orphan doesn't rise merely from duty, guilt or idealism. Rather, we are simply responding to the lavish love of the God who pursued us when we were destitute and alone."
~Jedd Medefind, President, CAFO

*and now, since i know it will be, we are not currently in the process to adopt. But, we are seeking God's will on how we can better reach out to the orphans, whether that be though adoption, foster care, offering encouragement to those that do, or financial support, we are open and willing to see where He leads. 

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3 Responses to “ CAFO Summit ”

amy c said...

i know you pray for your readers and those out there struggling with infertility, but i'll throw it out there again anyway. my husband and i are waiting to adopt, we have been waiting for a little over a year already and have recently taken some steps to try and open some other avenues of being chosen by a birthmom.

Victoria said...

That looks like it was an amazing summit!

Rebekah said...

I am jealous!