Happy 4th Birthday Grayden!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Grayden turns 4 years old today, at 9:51 pm!
Since he had to share his special day with Mother's Day this year, and we had a couple parties to go to, we celebrated his special day yesterday.

We went out to breakfast at his favorite, Panera Bread!

Then we had a couple errands to do, including getting a new battery for his new quad he got as a gift at his birthday party a couple weeks ago, he was so excited to go home and finally be able to ride it that he chose to not go to daddy's work and get a ride in a big semi (which has been our tradition on birthdays). I couldn't blame him, so home we went for his endless laps around the house, he loved it!

At night we let him chose where we went for dinner, he chose Taco Bell! Cheap date :)

After dinner we let him pick out his OWN redbox movie, he was so excited!
I think he had a pretty fun day, and we did too!
(His 4 year update is to come later this week)

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6 Responses to “ Happy 4th Birthday Grayden! ”

Angela said...

Happy Birthday, Grayden! From a blog reader in California :)

Anonymous said...

Love your blue sweatshirt, where is it from?
Happy birthday gray!

~Dawn~ said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy! :)

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Thank you! It's Roxy brand from TJMaxx!

Victoria said...

Happy Birthday Grayden!

Anonymous said...

So fun! You are a great mom, dont let anyone ever make you think different :-)