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Friday, May 10, 2013

The last few weeks of iphone pics:

Gray's 3school class had a bike parade at the end of the day a couple weeks ago, for someone who's not too sure of himself on his bike, he did GREAT!
so fun! It was a perfect day for it!

it's prom season, love doing the updo's

we had family date night a few weekends ago and tried out Peachwave, the new fro-yo joint in town, so good!

 The boys looking so handsome for church in their new shirts from Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Alyssa.

you know its Spring when the driveway looks like this!

praying over our first meal on the back patio of the season! 

cool dudes

roasting hot dogs over the fire last week! LOVE!

relaxing in the sun on Sunday in my new chair I got as an early Mother's Day gift :)

 When Gray wakes up in the morning he helps himself to the pantry and has been making his own 'breakfast'
this particular day (yes, in Christmas jammies) he made a parfait of peanut butter crackers, chocolate chips and potato chips in a pitcher!
then it was chocolate chips in a strainer!

Tulip Time parade on Wednesday with my friend Emily and her girlies!

I had planned on going downtown again that night for a junk food dinner when Robb got home, but wasn't excited about braving all the chaos again, so a last minute pizza picnic was our back-up plan!

Robb spotted a snake, but this girl wasn't about to let it ruin or picnic :)
Gray made me a sand cake, it loosks quite similar to one we had at some one's birthday a couple weekends ago! Love it!
Who cuts themselves with a butter knife? Me, ouch!

 They go outside to watch the underground sprinklers for fun, must be a boy thing!
The boys chose to watch TV in my salon, of the 6 TV's we have in the house, they picked this one, too funny!

Had an early morning visitor in the house this morning, a nurse doing blood work and vitals for our life insurance plan, it was a little weird!

 best moments of the week:
~lots of beautiful weather to play outside.
~special lunch picnics at home with daddy one day, and at the park with Grandma another day.
~spending time with Robb at the Summit last week, so thankful to have him there with me, he's my best friend and I love when we're together!
~Surprise 'just because' flowers from Robb! 
~ A good friend of mine welcoming a new baby into their family this week though the gift of adoption. An answer to many prayers!! 

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13 Responses to “ Insta Friday ”

Traci said...

Love that driveway. All that space is fantastic!

We still sport Christmas jammies too. When they are on sale for $2, why not?

Ashley Fisher said...

Glad my boys aren't the only ones to put food in weird containers. And you are one brave lady killing that snake. I would be screaming in the other direction lol

Anonymous said...

Oh Katie... Did u really kill the snake? How did you explain it to your boys?

Anonymous said...

Glad the Tulip Time parade pic turned out! :) I agree....chaos! Ugggh. Can't wait to go back downtown next week to shop without the chaos! :) Stacy

Anonymous said...

You should not kill snakes. Very bad role model. And Robb takes a photo. Wow.

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

i dont think i killed it, but i definitely did try. it scurried under the rock. we live in the country, we explained it the same way we explain hunting, killing flies, wasps and mice.

Anonymous said...

Wow people can be so rude! Love your blog, please ignore the negative people!

Anonymous said...

Not trying to start anything....but hunting is much different because you eat what you kill. I guess I am different . We teach our children that god created everything including snakes. We would try to direct the snake in a different path but not kill it.

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Yes, I guess everyone is different.

Anonymous said...

How is this negative? And it certainly isn't rude. But yes everyone is different.

Anonymous said...

People need to try a little harder to share their feelings in a more kind way, even if you disagree with something. As a mom of little ones myself, it's a terrible feeling when you feel attacked by people judging all your parenting moves. It's amazing how much more influential and credible a person can be when they speak their thoughts in a kind hearted way, instead of a harsh judging way. No mom is perfect. We all try our very best and want what's best for our children and family, and we ALL are learning as we go. Just some thoughts.

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

anon @4:55 yes, thank you! i think you said this perfectly! thank you for the reminder!
anon @4:38 I have to agree about the rude comment, I think its rude and uncalled for for someone to call a mother 'a very bad role model'.

Erica said...

Katie, I was impressed that you went after the snake barefoot and in such a cute outfit!! LOL!

You're a great mom!! Ignore negativity.