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Friday, September 13, 2013

We hosted 'Supper for 6' at our house with 2 other couples from our church a couple weekends ago, I love to have people over and eat!
Bread and dipping oil is one of my favorite things, but we don't have it unless we're entertaining!

It was also a great excuse to clean things we normally never vacuuming the porch! ha!

I was finally given the go ahead to do some light exercising again at my appointment a couple weeks ago. It felt so good to be back in this room, even better than a nap!

The boys we're glued to the movie playing in the waiting room before Grayden's 4 year well child appointment last week. 

My friend Trisha came over last week Wednesday and we swapped hair services, I went a little darker and finally took the plunge to cut bangs! 

We had a fun morning last week Thursday at the Critter Barn!

23 week belly pic for my insta friends!

Waiting to go into his classroom for his first day of school on Monday!
So handsome!

Wednesday was my birthday {28}, Robb was able to take the day off so we had a full day planned. 
We took Gray to school for his first "full" *he only goes in the mornings, but his first day on Monday was just half a morning* day without me there. During his morning prayer on the way to school he prayed, "please help Sadler not to cry when I'm gone!"

I love him!

He's off...there were no tears, from him, me, or Sadler (who waited in the car with daddy to make the goodbye easier!)

While Gray was at school I had to get my monthly blood work done, after that we grabbed a quick breakfast at McDonalds and let Sadler play in the play world for a bit.
Then we headed down to the farmers market where the boys helped me pick out some pretty flowers for my birthday!

We stopped at the park for a bit to do some sliding

and swinging, so I could feel young again for a bit ;)

Then it was time to pick Gray up and we all went out for lunch!

We came home for the boys to take a nap, and I was even spoiled enough to enjoy a little snooze while Robb helped me catch up on laundry! (I know! He's the best, even when it's not my birthday!)

At night we went to Carrabba's for dinner (yes, its always all about the food for me!) as a family. 
After we ate, the boys dropped me off to do a little solo shopping for the babe at Carter's and little for me too at Maurice's while they browsed around at Cabela's.

We ended the night with ice cream from Cold.Stone! 

Such a great day!

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Meegs said...

The bangs really make your eyes pop. Super cute.

Happy Birthday!