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Friday, September 27, 2013

The last few weeks of Intsagram pictures (i'm katiejo1122, if you want to follow)

Saturday morning car wash :) so nervous!

Robb sent me this pic he took at work of his view of the rainbow!

Hanging fly strips above the island, so classy, but hey...they work!

I took the boys apple picking last Friday afternoon! They had so much fun and were such good helpers!

Friday night we went out with the Hop family to see the live mannequins in the window displays downtown. So much fun, and the most memorable part is how we became live mannequins during dinner when the hostess sat us down by the front window, we got a lot of looks, and stares too!

Saturday morning applesauce making!

Monday afternoon nature walk. We had such gorgeous weather this week!

"Mom! I bet you didn't know Jesus gave me super climbing powers!"
Love him, he says the funniest things!

Oven cleaning tuesday morning, nesting already?

25.5 weeks, still can't believe it, even with the big belly! 

I could eat him up!
Enjoying a magic milk at Biggy's while big bro is in school. 

Grayden's first field trip! He went to the pony farm and loved it!

Although it made Sadler super nervous, he loved petting the horses!

Totally loving my one on one time with Sadler on the mornings Gray has school, we're making the most of it until little brother or sister arrives!

The 26 week update I got today on my pregnancy phone app suggested we take a babymoon. Just so happens we leave today for one! 

Robb has the day off of work today, but I caught him sitting in his truck in the garage making phone calls! He just can't stay away!

Have a great weekend everyone!
no 25 week {bUmPDATE} post tomorrow since we'll be gone, but hoping to squeeze it in on Sunday. 

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4 Responses to “ Insta Friday ”

Kriss said...

I love that you use Shaklee! I do too!

Erin B. said...

^^ That's what I was going to comment on, haha. My momma sells it and I've used it since I was 4 (now 28). :-D

Anonymous said...

What do you use to clean your oven? Nothing seems to work on ours amd I hate how dirty it is.

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

I use Shaklee products (found online) the degreaser and scour off and some elbow grease work great!