Labor Day Weekend

Monday, September 9, 2013

We spend the weekend before Labor Day at the cottage.

The boys loved the new rafts to float on in the lake

(22 weeks)

having fun with the rafts outside the water too!

We set the tent up in front of the cottage for the boys to sleep in, they had fun playing in it before bed! 

Time for bed, everyone was so tired from a busy day on the water and the boys went right to sleep in the tent. 
They were getting attacked by bugs in their sleep, so Robb brought them back inside around 11:30 

Sunday morning fishing with Grandpa!

I haven't gone fishing in years, but a few seconds after my first cast off the dock I caught one!

Gray caught one too!

Sadler sure looked cute trying!

We all contributed to make a big Sunday morning breakfast!

We left for home Sunday afternoon and made it to the evening church service. 

Monday morning we headed downtown Holland for the annual Truck parade!

The boys had such a blast!!

The rest of the day we did some work around the house and relaxed! Love those long weekends!

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