Insta Friday

Friday, October 11, 2013

opps! sorry Grayden, looks like Sadler was having a little photo shoot while you went potty! lol

My little buddy and I at my monthly blood work

This stinker got into my makeup bag 5 minutes before leaving for his first night of Kid's Club last wednesday night.

My MOPS table! Having a great year already!

Cheers, Friday morning cocktail!

Passed the glucose test with flying colors! whoo-hoo!

A little video game reward for being such good boys during our family date night at Red Robin Friday night. 

Picnic at the park with my boys and nieces Saturday night. 

We had such a blast!

Flashback to my transplant days, celebrated 5 years post-transplant on Tuesday!

Beautiful flowers my hubby had delivered to congratulate me on Paco's 5th birthday!
Love him!

Grayden was the star helper in school this week, he LOVED it!

Ugh, drive thru closed at the pharmacy! The drive thru is the sole purpose I use that pharmacy!

Monthly labs turned into weekly, Sadler is such a trooper to wait with me!

Loving this gorgeous weather. Sadler and Eme playing on the playground while they waited for the big kids to be done with school, so cute!

Beautiful view out the front door this morning, love those Fall colors!

Perfect day at the zoo this morning!

All I need for a quick road trip to Indiana!

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4 Responses to “ Insta Friday ”

Jill Sloothaak said...

I spotted Lisa Mathews in your MOPS photo -- such an AMAZING lady!!!

You are looking so great, Katie! So happy for you!

Ashley B. said...

John Ball??? We were just there a few weeks ago. Kids had a blast!

Anonymous said...

hey girl... i have a question for you. You are so girly.. always look adorable and sweet but i notice you never wear nail polish. How come? it just seems odd that you don't.

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Mostly because they just never last! With doing hair my hands are in water a lot so they don't stay nice for long at all!