{Insta Friday}

Friday, October 25, 2013

The last couple of weeks in Instagram pics:

being put to work even on vacation, but how could I say 'no' to that cutie!? :)

in honor of pregnancy and infant loss awareness day on Oct 15, we brought a pumpkin to Brenham's gravesite. 

play date at the library with Kinsley while the big kids were in school!

sadler didn't read a single book, but still managed to have lots of fun there!

love being pregnant again with my bestie, 10 weeks apart!

the perfect way to spend a Fall afternoon

we have names picked out, but I just can't stop looking! I have commitment issues.

Grayden got to make applesauce in school last week, he was so excited!

Robb and I playing with baby monitors on our monthly date night last weekend!

We had an amazing dinner at Mongolian BBQ.

Handsome boys before church on Sunday, Sadler is wearing Grayden's ring bearer outfit from my brother and sister in law's wedding 2 years ago!

Enjoyed a fun afternoon painting with a couple girl friends at Brush Studios on Sunday.  

Sunday night 'Harvest Party" by my parents!

Robb and I all dressed up for the annual 'Right to Life" benefit dinner. Gray took our pic, not bad for a 4 year old!

I woke up to these 2 cuties sound asleep in our bedroom, I had no idea they were in there!

I was able to go along on Grayden's class field trip to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday. We had a blast, despite the chilly air!

The boys were very entertained, walking from window to window, to watch our sprinklers being blown out by Mr. Nate, our landscaper! 

Same shirt, a year a apart :)

love getting baby freebies!

Thursday we met by friend Angie, and her son Tatum at the library for a little play date, I didn't get a single picture while we were there because my boys were total disasters there, but I did get quite the laugh when we got home and I saw these random books Grayden picked out! 

Robb treated me to a prenatal massage last night, it was so calming, even in the waiting room!

The boys had appointments for flu shots and vaccines this morning, it was rough on everyone so a Coke for me, and cookies for the boys were in order ;)

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3 Responses to “ {Insta Friday} ”

Tena said...

Your family is so beautiful! What were the boys looking for outside for the harvest party? Was it some kind of treasure hunt/scavenger hunt?

You look wonderful and I am glad you and your baby are doing well!

nicole said...

If you're looking into the Motorolla monitor that you have pictured there, we have it and LOVE it!!!
The only complaint I would have is that the battery life is a little low. However, we overcame that and now just charge it all the time. Not a big deal.

Caroline said...

Your family is so sweet. Congrats on your pregnancy!