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Friday, November 22, 2013

Wow, I'm so behind on posting our Instagram pictures, we had a crazy week with three days of no power and internet issues before that!
Here's the latest in our day to day lives!

Grayden had "Father's Night" at his preschool a few weeks ago, he and Robb had a great night!

We took the boys to Movie Night at the library to see Monsters U, Gray was extra excited!

Busted eating Nutella by the spoonful, hiding behind the couch. 

Grandparents day at school!

a couple weeks ago I went to check on Sadler awhile after laying him down for a nap, and I couldn't find him anywhere...I asked Grayden if he'd seen him and he nonchalantly pointed under the dining table, he was zonked!

practicing gentleness, Sadler LOVES babies but needs a lot of reminders to be gentle! 

And we need to work on not running in the house! Poor Sadler got a nice goose egg instantly after running into a dining room pillar! Poor love.

Gray had his first sick day from school a couple weeks ago, he was glued to the TV all day. 

I was super intimidated when my injections came in the mail...

turns out it stings pretty bad while the medicine goes in, but was a pretty easy process after least for me, Robb and Grayden are having a hard time watching me do them. :)

Robb spent the day in Chicago for the Lions vs Bears game a couple Sunday's ago!
It was an exciting game. 

I had parent/teacher conferences for Gray last week, he makes me so proud, he got an excellent report!

Scored a brand new ergo carrier for half price last week with a promo code they offered for a short time! Lucky day!
I've heard some rave reviews, but couldn't justify full price in case our babe doesn't like it, so I'm pretty excited to try it out now!

Grayden was star helper again at school last week, it was so fun to go along and help in his class and see him in his element!

I love our lazy Friday mornings at home when Grayden doesn't have school..but the boys are so used to being on the go that they get bored so quickly. Rice play was a huge hit and entertained them for awhile!

Celebrating 33 weeks last Friday with my Insta friends!

Love these boys!

Saturday night date night with all my boys!

We moved Sadler from a toddler bed (need that crib mattress back soon!) to a big boy bed Saturday night, sadly he fell out around midnight so a barrier has since gone up! Not sure what we were thinking!

This boy is such a bagel lover, love our Panera dates!

We lost power early Monday morning, after a major storm Sunday night the power lines were cut due to some down wires. 
We had to make fun in new ways, these pom-pom balls in Parmesan cheese containers provided tons of fun!

We snuggled in Monday night for a sleepover in the basement where it was a little warmer than the main floor. 
By Tuesday morning, after 24 hours of no power we got a generator hooked up to heat the house during the night and keep the fridge/freezers cold. 
But we had no lights and no water. 
Baths by grandma and grandpa were in order

Finally, Wednesday night, after about 52 hours of no power we came home from church to a lit up house! 
We were all SO happy!

time out attitude! pretty much impossible to stay upset with him, he's just too cute!

Fun morning today at SkyZone, an indoor trampoline place, with our friends Jayme, Drew and Lila!
It was a blast and the boys burned off lots of energy!

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2 Responses to “ Insta Friday ”

Anonymous said...

Where is your chandelier from? It's beautiful! I've been scouring the internet trying to find one... =)


Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

It's from Lowes! One of my faves in the house!