Sadler {2.5 years old}

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wow, two and a half! (as of Oct. 19, opps! so late on this)
In some ways it seems like you've been in our lives for much longer than that, we can't imagine life without you in it! And in some ways it feels like just yesterday when we welcomed you into our little family, there is still so much to learn about you!
Boy, you are growing up! We've seen you transform so much in the last few months from a toddler into a big boy! You're vocabulary surprises us everyday! You've become such a big helper for mom around the house. You can play so nicely with Grayden and have a budding imagination. 
You love: Paw Patrol, your brother, your cousins, babies, your pacis, eating, tractors, Lightning McQueen, opening the garage door.
You are energetic and wild, loving and sweet, determined and feisty. 
We can't wait to: continue watching you grow up, see you as a BIG brother, and teach you more about God's love for you!
We love you sweet, silly boy!

*photo credit: kim egedus photography 

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One Response to “ Sadler {2.5 years old} ”

~Dawn~ said...

What a little ham. He's so precious, Katie!! Beautiful photos of him and your sweet family!