eviction notice

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I found out Monday, after a HIDA scan, that my gall bladder isn't functioning well. It will be removed after our cruise. I'm ready to be rid of that thing! Thankfully, I have been feeling better over the last few days and my creatinine level (kidney function) is getting closer to where it should be, such a relief! We are hoping to have a great time on our trip! So grateful for answers!

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6 Responses to “ eviction notice ”

Jacki said...

Praying you stay healthy while you are gone!!! And enjoy your trip!!!

DianeTaylor said...

Thank goodness! I hade mine out several years ago and it was such a relief after feeling bad for so long. Actually all 3 of my sisters have had them out too. Glad you will still be going on your cruise :):) Have a great time and travel safe!

Nicole said...

You will feel SO much better once it is out! I felt sick for about 2 years before they figured out what it was. So worth the surgery pain! My best words of advice, walk/move around as much as you can after your surgery, to pop those air bubbles that they fill you up with. That's where most of my pain was. Hope everything goes smoothly!

Jules said...

Thankful for an "easy" fix! My surgeon didn't bother telling me, but most people will need to take supplemental bile acid capsules with meals once their gallbladder is out. Your body will no longer be making its own, and digesting fat becomes very difficult (and can mean bloating, pain, and diarrhea). They're cheap and made a whole world of difference!

Anonymous said...

Had mine out about 8 years ago and it took about a week or so to recover...hope your family can help you out watching the kids some..hang in there.

Cindy said...

Had mine out too several years ago. Other than feeling like I had done too many situps, it wasn't bad. I really haven't had any digestive issues since it was taken out. I actually had it done on Black Friday. It was a nice quiet day at the hospital, everyone was out shopping! :)