Thank you!

Friday, March 14, 2014

The results of my biopsy came back, and my kidney is doing well! It showed no recurrence of disease and no rejection, thank you Lord! They are thinking the rise in my creatinine level and why I've been sick is due to being on too high of a dose of one on my meds after my pregnancy, so they have been drastically reduced. I was taking 4-5 times the amount I needed! It was such a scary few days and I thank you all for your prayers. 
I was expecting the worse, and was no where near ready to go down that road again. It really made me take a step back and realize how often I take my health for granted. It was also a wake up call to live each day to the fullest. I know kidney failure isn't an automatic death sentence with things like dialysis to sustain your life, but it definitely isn't the quality of life I want for myself as a wife, a mom and a friend. Dialysis changes all those things. 
So I am so thankful that isn't something I have to think about anymore and I know that's all due to the power of prayer! 
However, I'm still not feeling well, and hoping the scan on Monday will provide some answers. 

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9 Responses to “ Thank you! ”

Tesha Papik said...

So happy for you to read this good news! Praying they find an answer to why you're not feeling well and that you will be feeling better soon.

bella said...

So happy for you. I will keep praying for you until they find the answer to what is wrong. In my daughter's second year of college she was ill and they could not discover what was wrong. She came home and our internist sent her for a CT scan and she had a diseased gall bladder and dermoid cysts on her ovary. Two surgeries later she was fine!

Victoria said...

That is great news! I pray you feel better soon and will have answers soon as well. I know how hard it is to be a mom and wife when you are not feeling like yourself. Take care and I hope all will be well!

Mary Ann said...

Such great news!!! :) God's blessing!!!!

Lindsey said...

Wonderful news! Praying you start feeling better ASAP so you can enjoy your vacation!!!

Lindsey said...
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belle said...

Something wouldn't let my comment go through the other day but I've been praying for you! Someone very dear to our family had a liver transplant in 2003 and it's been a roller coaster for him.

Thank you for posting an update and I will continue my prayers. May the Lord continue to richly bless you as you live your life for Him and share His goodness with those around you. You are indeed a great testimony!

Anonymous said...

God is so good! Glad to hear this wonderful news!

Mel @

DianeTaylor said...

Oh Katie - praying for your scans to show what is going scary for you. But you know God has it all under control. Please update us and let us know how you are doing.