Insta {catch up} and Indy Trip

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

fun morning playing with Makenna at Christ Memorial Church

stories with dad

loved having some one on one time with my biggest while Sadler played by his friend Madi's house and Jovie watched from the bouncy seat.

put some finishing touches on Jovie's room 

stuck in the middle of a snow filled road. with all 3 kiddos in the back seats!

some handsome guy pulled me out :) this was the second time this winter I needed to be rescued, good thing I get a good deal on towing service!

This boy got his first Lego set for a snow day activity, he did AWESOME following the steps!

Jovie tagged along for a kidney check up. so fun to show everyone at the office the end result of a stressful pregnancy!

loved seeing this come in the mail from an IG friend, Crystal!

about to get her beauty rest the night before her baptism.

When SAMs Club doesn't have a dressing room, you try on cheap maxi dresses in the diaper aisle with your sisters!

Monday morning snuggles!

Road trippin' to Indy with the whole family (minus Lisa) for the truck show

Robb got 18 calls in one hour! I was trying hard not to get annoyed!

Loving their PF Changs dinner!

Adventures at the mall. 

I had an awful gall bladder attack, I made it through about 3 stores before I had to go back to the hotel room. 

Fun with daddy after his meetings

The pool was so loved!

A little Turbo to start the day!

This little love slept so good in the hotel, as always!



heading down from breakfast on our last day in Indy!

Gray got to go to the Truck Expo for awhile!

Love them!

Even when I'm feeling yuck this girl always brings a smile to my face. so grateful for my kids!

I spend a lot of my free time in Jovie's closet picking out outfits for her.

I brought my car in for an oil change and when I got it back the temp read (and still does) a LOT warmer than it really is!

Sunday craft time!

Confusion all around! We're looking at this thing like it's some ancient artifact! Grandma L to the rescue for my project!

This cutie decided it was time to use the big boy potty! So proud of him! He's still in diapers but goes on the potty upon request! We'll work on it more after our trip!

waiting at my second doctor appointment of the day. 

First time in the Bumbo seat, not a fan! "Mommy hold me!"

Waiting to head in for my kidney biopsy. 

The worst part was not eating! I was so ready for some food!

Relaxing with my littles. 

Grayden was special helper last week, I was so thankful to be feeling well enough to go along!

I love packing for the kids, especially when it's to somewhere WARM!

Blue eyed beauty

Relaxing Friday night at home, prepping for our taxes!

Posing for a pic before church on Sunday!

pretty pink toesies!

There were so many things I should I have been doing Monday afternoon, but after being away from my littles so much lately with all my tests and appointments, I opted to spend the day snuggling!

Decor for our cabin door!

tough work in that seat again!

Poor Sadler had to be taken to the doctors office yesterday afternoon for a case of impetigo :(

enjoying our dinner at the food court one weekend!

Loving him some Bob Evens pancakes! 

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4 Responses to “ Insta {catch up} and Indy Trip ”

Anonymous said...

Katie.. you are not supposed to go out when the winter is bad. Stay home with your babies!

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

We still gotta get Gray to school tho!

Momma Bird said...

I feel for you! I had a two severe gall bladder attacks back to back when my second son was just 5 weeks old. I was exclusively nursing and he was obviously so was horrible. Thankfully they scheduled me for surgery the next day...what a relief. The recovery was worse than I thought in the sense that I was trying to still nurse....I made it though and overall it was a quick recovery and I healed will be nothing to you after having a kidney transplant! Best wishes!

Kristi said...

Hey Katie, so curious about your necklace that you knitted, made? I looked on pinterest and can't seem to find the same look. Would you mind telling me what it is actually called? I did the arm knitting but I like the thinner look with spring around the corner. Thanks, and praying the gall bladder surgery goes well and recovery is smooth.