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Friday, April 10, 2015

nice little place for JoJo to store her carrots :)

summer, please come soon! 

Reading with my kindergartener at the parents read in Friday afternoon. 

he was such a cuddle bug, love it!

Jovie surprised me when she brought me this Mario toy saying "nose, nose" Sure enough, Mario has quite the sniffer!

Pretty cousins chatting in the church bathroom on Palm Sunday

Front row seat for the band at the Revolution service one Sunday night
"Team Prickers" spent Saturday morning cutting down pricker bushes in the woods!! 

those times when you are so exhausted but just can't sleep are the worst!

hunny bunny

pajama dance party

she insisted on wearing these glasses, sister has quite the fashion opinion these days!

yup, wearing his shirt backwards into school, I asked him if he wanted help changing it and he said he "likes it like that" ok then!

farmer Jo :)

the boys did 3 days of swimming lessons last week

his and her tuesday night: working on the budget for him, watching the Duggar wedding for her 

super Grandma with the two littles while the bigs are at swimming lessons. 

a Target employee suggested we make laps around the store so Jovie could brighten everyone's day, so sweet!

I played a little April Fools joke on my IG and Facebook friends and said that mini cadbury eggs were free at Target that day, and calorie free too :)  Some actually fell for it!

never a dull moment!

beautiful full rainbow on our way to school!

waiting to join Grayden at Easter chapel at school

Dear Jesus, I wish I could go up to heaven with you. thank you. 
so sweet! 

the boys did so great during there lessons, so much improvement!

giving Grandma L 'the look' to try and get more food!

Saturday lunch with my mom and sisters to talk about our Florida plans in a couple weeks!

this little suction bottom bowl is the best! 

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4 Responses to “ Insta Friday ”

Diane said...

Where is the suction bowl from?

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

It's made by Boon
We got it as a gift after Gray was born, check Amazon!

Carrie said...

"Likes it like that". Boys crack me up.

Anonymous said...


Anyone that has followed this blog and/or follows you on social media knows what a great mom you are! You did a great job planning fun activities for your spring break with the kids. As a mom of 2 young boys, I know that even with the daily activities you posted about, there is still a LOT of the day left over to spend at home. I can have 5 fun things planned for the day and still be home by lunchtime for the rest of the day! Keep doing what works for YOUR family. There will ALWAYS be people judging...always. Bravo to you for keeping your blog REAL and not sugar coating it to make it sound perfect. You are a real mom, with real kids, living real life! Keep up the great work - being a stay at home mom IS a blessing, but is a lot of work and can be challenging too, the same as us mom's who work outside the home. Thank you for sharing your life with us readers!