Sadler turns 4!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Wow buddy! Four years old already!


What joy you are to our family, Sadler Graham! You are sweet and silly, crazy and caring, active and adventurous! We love you to pieces, and we sure are thankful (even on the hard days) that God blessed us with you!
We had such a great weekend celebrating your birthday!
On Saturday we had our special breakfast and fun morning out with just me, you and dad. We went to the Farmhouse and you enjoyed pancakes and sausage, your fave!

Then we headed to the Day of the Young Child. You loved checking out all the cool trucks, and equipment and playing some games in the gym. Then out of nowhere you decided you wanted to go to grandma's house where Grayden and Jovie were playing, so we did!

Sunday was your actual birthday, we made you a pancake with 4 candles and you had lots of special messages and phone calls, including one from your favorite pups on Paw Patrol!

We headed to church and you went to Promise Land.

For lunch we made another favorite of yours, Wildtree Mac and cheese with steak and peaches. Then we headed to VanRaalte farm for a nature walk and scavenger hunt, and played at the park for a little bit. We had donuts and took naps, and then headed to Grandpa and Grandma's house for dinner.

You had such a great day and we loved celebrating you!

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5 Responses to “ Sadler turns 4! ”

Victoria said...

Happy Birthday Sadler! I remember when he was born! Time flies :) Sounds like a fun birthday weekend :)

Rachel C said...

Fun!! I love how you are able to make time for each of your children individually. So special and I think they will always remember that.

Anonymous said...

Super cute! Happy birthday Sadler!!

Love the wreath on your front door. Did you make it and if so, how?

Thanks, Jessica

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Thanks! I did not make it, I found it at tj maxx a couple of years ago. Sorry that's not much help!

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks! Jessica