Spring Break {2015}

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Our Spring Break kicked off on Friday, April 3
I have to admit I wasn't totally looking forward to all that time at home, we made it a goal to do something fun everyday and try to stay busy. 


ordering their own cookie at our favorite cafe

Sadler had his first appointment at the chiro, we are hoping regular adjustments might help some behavioral issues and hyperactivity we are dealing with. 


Saturday afternoon Grandpa and Grandma L took the boys to see the movie "Home"

out for family dinner at Panera. The boys are suddenly too cool to sit by us!

the rest of us


playdate at the park with friends. 


butterfly gardens

we had a really rough morning, that included keys being locked in the van, and a bloody eyelid, but we shook it off and had a great time!

such cuties

fun at open swim Tuesday night. 

A trip to the donut shop, we always seem to go when Gray is in school so we were excited to have him join us this time! He wanted a "long jack" ;) but settled for donut holes instead!

fun at the library

We met one of Jovie's nursery buddies there. I started randomly talking to another mom and we found out our littles were born on the same day, at the same hospital!

Dinner at Chili's. Those game devices sure make for a peaceful dinner!


His favorite breakfast (in mom's bed) hard boiled egg and bacon on the one day he actually slept in!

always, always in the baby seats!

crafts with cousins

by Thursday afternoon the kids were driving me bonkers, so I dropped the big and little off at Grandma L and took the middle (way there in the back) to get another adjustment. 


baking in pjs!


Walking the trails at the Degraaf Nature Center.  They played a movie afterwards which the kids really liked. 

First bonfire of the season, with s'mores at Grandpa and Grandma R.

We ended up having a great week, but by Monday morning everyone was definitely ready to have a routine back :)

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25 Responses to “ Spring Break {2015} ”

Anonymous said...

Katie, you are so beyond blessed to stay home. Why would you even think you couldn't enjoy them all week. Also, are you sure all your running around isn't causing Sadler to be out of control. Relax!!! They are only little once. You are on the go way too much.

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

I am so blessed, I couldn't agree with you more on that! However the rest of your comment comes across offensive, whether you meant it that way or not I'm not sure. I think you took a lot of things out of context, or are possibly judging my mothering. I of course, enjoy them, always! They are my precious miracles! I enjoy everyday (even the hard ones) the Lord blesses me with them in my life. What I said was that I wasn't looking forward being at home so much, meaning I wish we were on vacay :) and also that we like to be on the go. It works for us.
And also, Sadler is an active boy and gets bored at home, causing him to act out. So being on the go is good for us! I think you are forgetting that this post was over the course of an entire week, the time we stayed at home just wasn't blogged about, but obviously happened way more than we were out.
You are entitled to your own opinion but I think we are on the go just the right amount that works for us.
Remember, you can't judge someone unless you know there heart and know the whole story.

Anonymous said...

I think you're doing great, and raising your kids to love the Lord! Ignore negative comments! On another note, my youngest child is also a handful at times. We adopted him when he was four, and he has been home for just two years now. We recently found out he had sleep apnea (even though he had his tonsils and adenoids out). We having been working with the sleep disorders clinic at DeVos, and it has made a HUGE difference in every area. I'm not necessarily suggesting Sadler has anything like this, but just something to keep in mine as sleep has a huge influence on the behavior of children (and adults)!


Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Thank you for your sweet comment Melissa! That is interesting, Sadler does snore. How did you find out he has sleep apnea, just from a sleep study? I'm willing to try anything so maybe I'll have to ask our ped about that. You are so right, sleep habits are very important with behavior!
Thanks again!

Aja said...

With a public blog comes opinions from the public. You're right, the first commenter doesn't know your heart or your kids, but she knows what you put out there. I'm not necessarily interested in strangers' opinions about my mothering either, which is why I don't have a public blog or open social media. Food for thought as you share lives that are yours to protect...

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Yes, I totally get that! "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion" however I had to stick up for myself on that one and make it clear that i do enjoy my babies!

Anonymous said...

Keep doing what works for your kiddos, mama, you're an excellent mom!
Have you ever tried essential oils to help calm Sadler? Young Living has some great oils and I've read that they help some kids with hyperactivity or just creating a sense of calm. I'd love to tell you more if you're interested!

Rachel C said...

I'm a stay-at-home mom too, and I know just where you're coming from :)
Looks like you had a week similar to ours with a few fun little local trips and a lot of relaxing at home.
Also, two of my kids so far have had tonsils removed (one was in K, one in 1st grade) - not because they were sick very often, but because of sleep issues including snoring. Definitely made a difference for us!
I'd be interested to hear if you think the chiro works for Sadler.

~Amanda~ said...

It amazes me what a chiro can do! Love them! Having any luck or results yet?

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

thank you so much Amy, we have tried the Peace and Calming on the bottom of his feet and didn't notice any change from that. Any others you'd suggest we try?

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Thanks Rachel, that is so interesting! I'll have to mention his snoring to his pedi at his next appointment! So he's been to the chiro now 4 times for adjustments, I can't say for sure there's been a ton of improvement, but it hasn't been any worse and he actually enjoys going so I'm thinking it is helping him if he wants to go back! Hopefully we see some more improvements in the weeks to come!

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Amanda, Sadler has been to the chiro now 4 times for adjustments, I can't say for sure there's been a ton of improvement, but it hasn't been any worse and he actually enjoys going so I'm thinking it is helping him if he wants to go back! Hopefully we see some more improvements in the weeks to come, the doctors we see there are so wonderful and we've been really impressed with their care!

Kasey said...

I've also got a sweet and hyper boy that we adopted, and I've been using Doterra's Balance oil on his feet every morning. It's helped tremendously. I use Serenity at night, which helps him relax a little bit. I think the Balance helps more with daytime behavior. I'm not certain, but I think YL Valor is similar to Balance and YL Peace and Calming is similar to Serenity. Hope that helps! Can you share more about chiropractics for behavior? I might look into it for our little man. :)

Anonymous said...

I've heard P&C can have the opposite reaction on some kiddos! Vetiver, Cedarwood and Lavendar are good ones to try on his feet, big toe or spine even. I hope you find something that works! If nothing else, at least it's summer now and you can get out more and work off all of that energy!

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Thanks for your comment Kasey, I think I'll try the oil route again today, it can't hurt! I've read lots of articles online, this one explained it the same way his chiropractor did about the nervous system and spinal adjustments http://patch.com/illinois/buffalogrove/kids-with-adhd-may-benefit-from-chiropractic-care--alternative-treatments
Hope that helps!

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Oh that's interesting, definitely don't want that to be the case! Eeek!
Yes we are so looking forward to summer and being outside more to burn off that energy! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It might be that he's just a young, spirited boy. I mean this in the nicest way possible (I really do!), maybe instead of trying to fix/calm him instead embrace his active, spirited nature and go from there. There are many books out there about this approach.

Anonymous said...

Kate, A sleep study is what was used to diagnose my son's sleep apnea. He had one prior to living with us that showed it was severe, so he had his tonsils and adenoids out shortly after coming to live with us. We didn't have a follow-up sleep study right away, and I regret it! He started all day school this fall (he's receives special education services) and really struggled at school. We brought him in for an ADHD evaluation--long story very short, we redid the sleep study, and it showed he still had sleep apnea. He's now on BiPAP (which isn't a big deal at ALL), and after two months, he is a totally different child. If you're hearing snoring, that's a good sign that there might be something going on that should be checked out! I'll be praying for wisdom for you! We've also done OT with our son and done a lot of "heavy work" with him as he is a mild sensory seeker. Sometimes these kids of ours can be a puzzle, but it's always so worth it to figure it out! Melissa

Angela said...

Hi Kate,

As a teacher, I just wanted to tell you what a great job you're doing with your kiddos! I'm sure they're learning so much from all that they get to experience with you and your family.

I LOVE my job, but also LOVE my breaks from school, so I totally understand the need for lots of structure and, let's be honest, breaks from the kiddos every once in awhile!

Seeing your faith and the way you raise your kiddos through your blog is a burst of fresh air for me! (I'm 25 and just married, so its down the road for me =) Thank you for being willing to share your life with your readers!



Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Thank you Angela, so sweet of you to take the time to encourage me through your kind words! :)

Bec74 said...

There are 24 hrs in a day, so clearly a trip to the library or donut shop doesn't mean "you're on the go to much".
Mom of 4 myself (3 of them boys), I remember when they were younger.. The days WERE long, but really, the years are short :)
We were always on the go.. What kid doesn't love a adventure and fun????
You're doing a fantastic job... Keep it up a mama!

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I'm just the opposite of you -- I would just sit around my house all day with my kids if I could, so I admire the effort you make to take them OUT into the world to experience things. I have to work on that!

Marcia said...

I admire the fact that you can get out so much with 3 kids. Sometimes it's easier just to stay home! You are a great mom and you definitely make your kids a priority. They are so lucky to have you.

Anonymous said...

Geez to the first comment! What works for you is obviously different than another family.

i am a stay at home Mom to and totally understand where you're coming from! I have one 'easy' child and one that's more 'difficult.' Clearly, she has not had to deal with a more 'demanding' child.

Thanks for being honest! It's perfectly normal for them to drive us bonkers at times and ok to admit it :) Jessica