Brenham's Day

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Before the boys went to school on Monday we headed to the cemetery to bring pinwheels to Brenham's grave and sang him "happy birthday"

Sadler was the star helper and he wanted Robb to go to school with him for the parent helper, which worked great since he took the day off, so he headed to school with Sadler and I took Grayden. 

After preschool we met at the cafe for lunch, and came home to do some house cleaning for the afternoon until picking Grayden up for his last Lego Club, it was nice that Robb had the oppurtuniy to watch Grayden in action! 

After Lego club we grabbed dinner at The Farmhouse and then headed to Devos to deliver the 87 blankets we collected!

Thank you so much for your generous donations. It truly warmed my heart seeing them come in the mail!

Then we headed to my parents house to welcome them back from Australia and enjoyed some ice cream cake to honor the birthday boy.

We felt your love and prayers throughout the day, thank you!

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