Friday Photo Dump

Friday, March 11, 2016

This was Grayden's choice book from the library last week :)

The boys slept in the tent in the basement Friday night, their excitement was through the roof!

Saturday morning date with this hunk (sorry I cut your head out of the pic!) to get our taxes done ;)

The boys went to Monster Jam Saturday afternoon to continue their fun father-son weekend

while the boys were playing, the girls will shop! Jovie and I met up at the mall with my friend Corinn, from Traverse City, and her daughter Lillian while they were in town for a baby shower.  Jovie had more fun than her expression would lead you to believe! haha

my cute dinner date

We voted!

having so much fun in the sandbox now that it's warming up again!

Gray's writing is on the top, and mines on the bottom. His teacher would agree he has great penmanship, and mine agreed that I do not :)
(insert monkey with his eyes covered emoji!) 

I'm not sure I really want to remember this, but this is Jovie's current phase; bed head, a baby nearby, and glued to her favorite (most annoying) youtube channel where a lady plays with baby dolls for hours on end! It's terribly obnoxious but she LOVES it

Crazy hair day

He never passes on an opportunity to snuggle his sleepy sis. Melt my heart. 

Last night I went to a free skin care presentation by BareMinerals that did free mini facials and make up application. YES, I was every bit as relaxed as I look! It was AMAZING!

Such a fun night out feeling pampered with these beautiful gals!

just strolling through Walmart ;) 

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6 Responses to “ Friday Photo Dump ”

Brooke said...

Aww Jovie on the bike is TOO cute!! Miss you on instagram!

Nicole said...

My daughter also finds the most annoying videos on kids you tube and watches a lady or a man opening eggs with little toys inside!!!

Deb said...

AHHH Jovie's pigtails!!!

Robbie said...

Missing you on IG! So glad to see you blogging still :)

Heather Hoisington said...

Miss seeing you on IG. I hope you are doing well! Cute pictures!

Mindy said...

joining the crew above...I've missed your posts on IG!