Friday Photo Dump

Friday, March 18, 2016

Girls night with my friend Trisha Friday night. 
We had such a blast doing each others highlights and putting on a face mask. Our time together is good for my soul! Love her!
Saturday Robb and I had our March date night. We went to a marriage seminar and dinner.  
A little marriage maintenance is so important, so we figured it would be good to incorporate into our year of dates!

 picnic with Posey 

Gray had his monthly scheduled two hour delay again this Wednesday so we grabbed donuts before school. 

 I took the van for an oil change this week to get it all ready for our road trip to Gulf Shores in a couple weeks, and the kids had such a blast playing while we waited. 

The boys reminded us we needed to start our Resurrection Eggs up again as we head into Holy Week, I might have forgotten them if they didn't mention it! I'm so glad they enjoy them so much! 

Cool dude waiting for the bus this morning, excited for Superhero day at school! 

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One Response to “ Friday Photo Dump ”

Robbie said...

When are you going to be in Gulf Shores? My parents live there! Let me know if you need recommendations on where to eat or anything. And I know it sounds a little orthodox, but I promise you- the church service at the Flora Bama is my favorite!! It's weird to have church in a bar, but it's a real church that comes in and does it, and it's very popular! You can have a bloody Mary during church, and they pass out water. It's awesome!