Grayden, you are 1 week old!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grayden turned 1 week old today! He has been such a good baby so far and we are making sure we appreciate all the sleep we get now because we know it's about to change!

  Grayden you:

usually sleep from around 12:30am-4:00am and then from 4:30am,-7:30am

you eat about every 3-4 hours and never more than 5

you are eating 2 oz at a time of Similac advance formula

you make the cutest chugging/slurping noises when you yummy!

you let out a BIG burp after half your bottle is gone and have never spit up! 

when you are getting full you keep sucking but don't swallow so it comes dribbling out the sides

are read to every night

you have the cutest dimples

have dark hairs on your ears! and light hair on your back

you hate baths but love to have your hair washed.

you scream when we change your clothes or your diaper

you love your paci's; any kind

and love your swing

you like the car seat, even though it may not look like it here, that is your famous 'scowl'.

and you recently found your hands and suck them

you are very strong and can hold your head up and whip it around like a crazy man.

you have the hicups at least once a day.

you fold your hands so sweetly

you love to be held

wear newborn size diapers

wear newborn size clothes

you are sleeping in your crib..such a big boy!

already went to church your first Sunday

you weigh 8.4 oz now

you are such a JOY!

today was a big day for you! you had your newborn photo shoot and did so super good! 

at night we got a very important email from your bmom and she said that she loves you so much and really wants you to be happy and she said she knows you are where you are supposed to be!! That means she wants you to live with us forever! 

We thanked God together and cried, we are so happy to hear that your bmom and bdad are at peace with their decision and we continue to pray for that peace.

Right after we read that, daddy changed your diaper and your cord fell off! We think that means you are ready to lose that physicalconnection to your bmom. Of course you will never lose the emotional relationship but we thought that was quite a significant coincidence! 

you have so many people who love you and are praying for you and we are so thankful for that, we hope that they continue to pray for you as you grow, for us as your parents that we can be the best parents to you and raise you to love Jesus, and for your bmom and bdad that God will heal their hurting hearts. 

Happy 1 week sweet boy!

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One Response to “ Grayden, you are 1 week old! ”

Debby@Just Breathe said...

He is so precious....congratulations!