Friday Photo Dump

Friday, December 9, 2016

Biggest brother helping sis with her teeth brushing, I just love these sweet little moments!

My first "salad in a jar". So good!

Saturday morning pancake recipe testing!

The boys made their own voting booth, it was adorable!

This was the ballot!

Games with gramps!

I've been so obsessed with this lunch lately. It's a rice cake with hummus, spinach and turkey. So yum, quick and healthy!

Grayden made a catapult in Cadets!

Bus stop buddies

I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to catch up on "Gilmore Girls" before the new ones came out. I started in February!

A beautiful November day calls for no nap and a park date!

Movie morning!

My sweet friend Anne from Alabama was home during Thanksgiving! We spent 7 hours together and it still wasn't nearly enough!

Cooking my first turkey!

My Kindergartener corrected my "Y" on our thanksgiving table cloth! ha!

I met up with these sweet friends for lunch. 

Posey has such a loving momma who makes her snacks!

Oh my heart! These boys of mine can be so precious with their sis!

Cute lunch buddies!

Sadler had a sleep over by G & G R's house, and went out to breakfast before going along to work with Grandpa! Sadler really likes him some syrup :)

Jovie made cookies with Grandma R and had a hard time waiting for them to cool down! :)

Last Saturday we went to a "Christmas tour" church event. It was really cute and the kids really loved it!

Robb and I went to the GR Symphony with Mindy and Kyle on Sunday. It was our first time at a symphony.

The kiddos went to G & G L to help decorate their tree!

A fun ride in Grandpa's new truck!

Crazy Friday night installing a new light fixture~this is what are lives have come to!

Baking with my "almost birthday girl" for her party tomorrow!

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