Jovie's "Pancakes and Pajamas" party

Sunday, December 18, 2016

We threw a "Pancakes and Pajamas" party for Jovie last Saturday! 
It was the perfect theme for our 3 year old, since we served breakfast the party was right away in the morning at 9:30 am, so our excited birthday girl didn't have to wait ALL DAY for her party!

She was beyond excited to celebrate!

We served pancakes (which we spent the past 4-5 Saturdays testing out different recipes for the big day, this is the one we used, we got lots of compliments), with chocolate chips (a fave for our family) and whipped topping, and of course maple syrup, yogurt, granola and mixed berries, bacon (we may have had a grease fire in the oven that smoked up the whole main floor and set the fire alarms off 10 minutes before party time!) and scrambled eggs. 

We had oj, water and apple juice

 And of course coffee and a variety of tea.

We had pink glazed donuts instead of cake.

I got us all matching pjs, I'm sure that's not a big shocker to you :)
Robb is always a good sport with my coordinating outfit obsession, but I chose to have him opt out on this one! ;)

The moment she had been waiting for~PRESENTS!

She got lots of fun gifts; her first Lego kit (which her brothers and big cousins promptly put together for her!), princess dresses, a nightgown, ballet lessons, a cross-body purse, a tea set, princess workbook, a big floor puzzle, and her first bike!

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