Jovie Breann, you are 4 years old!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Wow, Jovie! 4 years old!?
It's truly unbelievable, and bittersweet how fast you're growing. 

 At 4 years old you are smart, sweet and sassy!

You weigh 38 lbs and are 41" tall. 

You love to sing made up songs, paint, play with your dolls, your dollhouse, and play-doh.

You love DocMcstuffins, Frozen, and Out-daughtered! 

 Your favorite princess is Aurora, your favorite color is pink, your favorite food is grilled chicken breast with A1.  
You are great at coloring and love school. 

You don't like when people call you "cute" (you prefer "pretty") 
You don't like dogs, bedtime, or wearing jeans!

You are very shy and bashful in public, but love to be the center of attention at home! 

You love to exercise, cook and do everything mommy does!

You became a great swimmer this Summer and love to be in the water!

You are little fashionista, and great mom to your babies!

You love to eat!

Jovie, you are a priceless treasure and a gift to our family! The joy you bring into our home is indescribable. We are so thankful God gave us you for a daughter! 
We love you! 

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