Friday Photo Dump

Friday, December 29, 2017

Saturday soccer camp for Sadler (He's wearing the yellow jersey)

It's can be a struggle sometimes for me to cook dinner for 1 adult and 3 kids, while Robb is away. We mostly eat out to avoid a ton of leftovers, but this was a quick and easy alternative, steamable veggies, rice and a rotisserie chicken!

Jovie loves the Moana Cosmic Kids Yoga routine in youtube and she's gotten so good at her boat pose!

A little visitor in our front yard!

I love this note I found in Sadlers backpack. 

The boys go to Bible Release time during school once a month. I've been able to help out this year and love being a part of this amazing program. 

Huddled up in prayer for a fellow student. 

Latest and greatest pearler bead creation 

Gradyen had some art-work displayed in the high school during their art exhibit. 

First visit from the tooth fairy for Sadler 

melt my heart

Teamwork putting together Jovie's birthday goody bags for her three school friends. 

Cajun shrimp, sausage and veggie skillet made a delicious first meal post cruise, always a daunting task after eating gourmet meals all week ;)

I love Sadler's face as he waits to dig into Ella's birthday cake! 
(and then there's Jovie digging for gold, lol)

Showing off his wall sit skills during Sadler's soccer camp 

Painting the decor for her birthday party

His weekend homework was to follow a recipe and bake cookies! He did a great job, his only mistake was adding 1/4 CUP of baking soda instead of a 1/4 teaspoon.
Maybe if I had gotten homework assignments like that I would have caught on to the fact that 1/4 cup of baking soda was way too much!

Having fun at her Kids Club Christmas party. 

My friend Emily and I had a great time making porch planters! 

My finished product. 

Such a cute movie! I was super impressed!

I can't stop eating these, so I thought I'd share in case you're in need of a new snack idea! Stick two almonds in a pitted date and enjoy! It's crunchy and chewy and so addicting!

We had so much fun at the high school musical, "Seussical "

Game time at the extended Rietman family Christmas party!

Putting together Jovie's new Legos was team effort!

Playing Bunco at the extended Lubbers family Christmas party. 

All the grandkids helping decorate Grandma and Grandpa's Christmas tree!

A girl and her nail polish collection!

Another year using this adorable interactive nativity to make the true meaning of Christmas come alive in our home! It's our favorite week of the year!
A newer version is even on sale!

These cute friends posing for a picture after breakfast!

Dollhouse + PlayDoh = Jovie in a nutshell! All that's missing is a snack :)

All ready to celebrate Jesus' Birthday party at three school!

3rd Grade boys caroling group

The whole 1st Grade crew!

The live nativity at the Critter Barn

One of my most favorite traditions

Grayden coming in for a lay-up at Basketball camp 

Aunt Shelley transforming Jovie into Queen Elsa at our family Christmas party!

He's a happy camper with a juice box

Grayden performing in the talent show the kids put on

Time for arts and crafts, Jovie couldn't be left out of the fun!

The whole Brink side family 

I asked him to make some popcorn before we start a movie. You guys. That's our puke bucket! I can't even look! But kudos to being self-sufficient. And he even put seasoned salt on it, just the way I like.

First time trying Ethiopian cuisine tonight. It did not disappoint! Granted, there isn't much food I don't like, but I highly suggest GoJo's! 
Such a fun night with fellow Noonday Ambassadors!

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