First Christmas Party!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

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5 Responses to “ First Christmas Party! ”

Jenny said...

Very cute. I love the ear protection. H has a set but they are just plain blue. I'm jealous of the John Deere ones! It must be that time of the year because I've never seen so much snot in my life either. Hope G feels better.

Celine said...

What a great slideshow. The pic with him "so excited" about aunt Lisa's gift was hilarious. He's still adorable even when he's not feeling well. His little red cheeks and red nose are so precious. Hope he feels better soon. My little guy is sick too. Why does it always seem to happen at Christmas?!

rlvd said...

glad he was feeling well enuf to get all his presents at his first ever christmas party!! he does have that 'i'm kind of sick, can't ya tell by my red cheek dots look' ;) but still so cute and excited!!!

A Truly Grand Haven said...

So cute! What a fun way to share all the pictures. Grayden is so cute and getting so big.
Looks like he has lots of new toys to play with!

jenni said...

Adorable! Poor baby... I hope he's feeling better soon. Carter has that same cold =(