less words wednesday

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm sensing a little bit of attitude from this cute little bear cub; don't you?
I think he was sick of pictures, but I just can't resist a freshly bathed babe, especially one as cute at this =)

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8 Responses to “ less words wednesday ”

Kates said...

Where did you get that cute towel. I LOVE IT!!!!


sandy02 said...

LOL! I get that look from Ethan a lot too. The "seriously mom?? aren't you done yet??" look. :0)

Shay said...

Gosh he is too cute... Seriously he has this look of "mom leave me alone please" on his face

Holly said...

Haha! Love how he's looking at you!!

Jorden and Kristin said...

hehe this is so cute! that towel is AWESOME!

Lindsey said...

So Cute! Love his towel!

Andrea said...

One precious bear cub :)

LJFredricks said...

Oh man! I just want to give him some squishes and hugs! I am sure you will pass some along for me, won't you?