Oh Christmas Tree

Friday, December 4, 2009

The HuntWe found "the perfect tree"

We took this tree home and put it on our porch and used an artificial one for our actual Christmas tree. I wanted the experience of picking out a tree for Grayden's 1st Christmas but I didn't want the mess of the needles all over the carpet so we decided to do the real one outside with some lights and the fake one inside with all the ornaments! Best of both worlds!

The Decorating

The Finished Product

Some of my favorite ornaments

our first Christmas Together 2005
"A bundle of love to call our own has come into our hearts and home" This one was given to me by my friend Angi at one of my baby showers, I love it!

Brenham's first ornament

And last but not least:

I just got these from my friend Nicole and they are my new most favorite ornaments ever! They are so much better in person, I couldn't get a good picture of them.

To see more Christmas trees head over to Kelly's blog

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10 Responses to “ Oh Christmas Tree ”

rlvd said...

oh, Grayden loves that tree, I think!! He's gazing up at it in awe in one pic and sitting so gleeful in front of it in another! Pretty good idea with having the real tree outside the house...I might use that "mommy-tip" when I'm a mommy :)

jenni said...

Gorgeous!! I think we're going to cut our tree down this weekend =)

Bethany at 3SonsPlus1 Crew said...

Beautiful! And your adorable baby boy is quite a cute Christmas accessory, too! :)

Jeremy, Julie and Jacob said...

that's a great idea to have 2 trees. with a 1+ year old, we decided to forgo the tree altogether this year. i may have to talk my hubby into cutting down a real one and then keeping outside. what a great idea!

happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

Now after the holiday season is over cut off the bottom of the real tree and make an ornament with it. we do that every year...putting our kids' names on them, our first christmas, something special that has happened that year. we've been married for 13 years so i almost have enough tree trunk ornaments to fill a small tree. people love to come over and look at what we've written on them.

this was a tradition that my family started whenever it was my siblings and mine 1st christmases. we do it for everyone now.

Jorden and Kristin said...

that's a good idea to do the tree hunt but not deal with the needles! in our family dealing with the needles is part of the fun haha altho w/a little kid sitting around ready to pop them in his mouth i can see the flip side of it!!

i loveeee the picture of him staring at the tree! so adorable!

Ericka said...

We cut the trunk off our son's first live Christmas tree (about a foot in length) and drilled a hole big enough for a candle. Each Christmas Eve we say a prayer and light a candle. We let it burn all night and the wax dries on the trunk. My grandparent's trunk has over 50 years of wax on it and it's so neat to see each year. It was such a joy to for each of us kid's to pick out a bible verse and light our own candle each year.

Just thought I'd share the idea :)

Dawn said...

Where is your adorable hat from!?

Holly said...

Love your tree! I like how you put the real one outside to avoid the mess but still got to experience it all. That's neat!

Tasha said...

Wonderful blog! I remember reading it at the beginning of the year from the Bump but I have yet to check back in - shame on me! Beautiful family!!!