Grayden Robert, you are 10 months old!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Grayden, you turned 10 months old last week!

We celebrated in Florida by taking you to the children's museum!
Here's what you've been up to:
You are having 4 bottles a day (we finally cut out your early morning bottle!)

You love to eat and notice every time I eat I open the kitchen cupboards! I can't sneak anything by you! Some of your favorite foods are french toast, pears, squash, apples, yogurt, turkey and sweet potato. Your favorite snacks are goldfish crackers, graham crackers, rice cakes and fruit bars. You feed yourself so well with only your two little teeth you can bite and chew with them really well!

You wear size 3 diapers and 6-9 months clothes.

We're surprised you're not walking yet compared to how quickly you've reached all other milestones but you really have no interest in it yet and that is great! We're glad your taking your time with this milestone! I'm not ready to call you a toddler yet, you're still a baby to me :)

You are such a silly boy, full of personality! So many people notice your silly facial expressions and expressive eyes!

When we sing patty cake you can "roll it" and "toss it up high" now, cutest thing!

You love birds and fish, when we go to story time at the library we always have to check out those fish tanks and you can spot a bird outside the window in a no time

You know how to sign "please" but its usually out of context!
We moved you into the next step car seat shortly after you turned 9 months! It doesn't look like it sleeps very comfortably but you seem to like it!

You get into everything! You just love to explore this world around you and take it all in, we love to watch you learn!

I can't believe how fast your first year is going!
We love you Gray-Gray!
~Mommy and Daddy!

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10 Responses to “ Grayden Robert, you are 10 months old! ”

Wendy said...

You have one of the cutest kids I've ever seen. He is so precious. It's so fun watching him grow. I got a laugh (out loud) on the car seat not sleeping well. He's adorable... and has great parents. We serve an awesome God!

Anonymous said...

I saw the video where he is looking at himself in the mirror, that is really smart for his age .Probably will figure out shapes and puzzles earlier than other kids :)

Rebekah said...

I'm amazed at what Ty can do with no teeth so I can see how two would be quite the improvement! :)

Our babies are starting to look like boys....

Amy said...

he is SO CUTE!

tscarter7 said...

He is so beautiful! I remember story time at our library. My kids loved it. We kept going even after they were a little too old because they loved it so! :)

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Lori said...

He is so precious!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile now and Grayden is so cute. My daughter was the same way in her carseat when we put her in the convertable carseat. Then we went to a carseat check and they told us it wasn't at the right angle and they put a wedge under the front of it so it was tilted back a little more. She was much more comfortable and I wasn't constantly pushing her head back when she fell asleep in it. She stayed in that seat rearfacing until she was about 20 months old.

Jenny said...

I recognize that sleeping pose. He is getting so big! Too cute.

Lisa Marie said...

Even when I have my kids' car seats at the right angle that STILL happens! poor kids, it makes me crazy. But we've checked their seats dozens of times. They are so cute though aren't they? and so flexible. hahaha

Grayden is absolutely SO adorable, he'll be 1 before you know it... I know, it's crazy how fast it goes! Looks like you're enjoying every minute though!!

I just smile when I see him with his Daddy. Seriously, God made him just for the both of you, ... I can't help but feel he looks like you both and you're family is just so perfect. God is good!
Thanks for letting us all have a glimpse into your precious world :)